Our Team

Dr. Randy Frid

Principal Scientist

As the founding director and Chief Enterprise Architect, Dr. Frid brings a rich background of law, business and knowledge management to the team.

Dr. Frid is also co-author of the Frid Framework for Enterprise Knowledge Management, a living, multi-volume opus that established him long ago as a pioneer and founding father of Knowledge Management.

Dr. Frid is responsible for developing an architected approach to organizational governance, which enhances current architecture frameworks such as DNDAF, TOGAF, DoDAF, MODAF, UPDM and the all new Unified Achitecture Framework (UAF). This effort has brought Enterpise Architecture to the Executive Decision Making domain (something that had been still lacking in EA).

MasterClass Training in EA is provided by our subsidiary company: Canadian Institute of Knowledge Management

Claudie Frid


Claudie is the backbone of Frid Enterprises Inc. She manages our charitable causes and is an active advocate of animal rights.

Colt Frid

Enterprise Architect

Colt Frid is a rising star in the field of Enterprise Architecture. TOGAF 9.1 Certified, and working side-by-side with his father for the past several years on key major government projects (most recently at DND/CF on C4ISR architecture, and CBSA on IM Strategy) has helped Colt hone his skills in Organizational Strategy analysis and modeling.

Colt majored in Law at Carleton University, and is a co-author of the Frid Framework for Enterprise Knowledge Management, a series of doctrinal books on Outcomes Management and Capability Based Planning.